We have officially launched our committee!

The Young Leaders of the Canadian Red Cross have officially launched their committee May 9, 2012.  Over 200 young professionals have taken part in a distinctive gathering at the Santos Tapas Bar on Saint-Paul Street in the Old Montreal to support the Canadian Red Cross and the Young Leaders in their fundraising activities. Michel Léveillé, General Manager of the Red Cross, Quebec Division also attended the event and praised the commitment and dedication of this new initiative.

The Young Leaders would like to thank all those who came to support them as well as the Santos Tapas Bar for their hospitality and generosity.  Besides, the support of the restaurant goes beyond the event since throughout the month of May (month of the Red Cross) a dollar will be donated to the Red Cross every time a cocktail or tapas of the month is purchased. We therefore encourage you to visit the Santos Tapas Bar throughout the month of May!

The Young Leaders also wish to thank all the partners who have contributed to the success of the evening by providing prizes: Clarins, Bota Bota, Vins & Passions and the Club Sportif MAA. A special mention also to Ax2 for creating the Website as well as graphic design agency Zone Eden for their valuable support!

A portion of the receipts collected in the evening have been donated to the Red Cross; that is over $700 to provide assistance when disaster strikes.

Thank you for contributing to the sustainability of the services provided by the Red Cross and thank you for supporting the leaders of tomorrow!

To keep abreast of upcoming events, please visit our Website and our Group page at www.facebook.com/releveCR page (see all the photos of the evening!). Looking forward to seeing you at our next event!